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Classroom Music


As well as peripatetic music lessons, some of our staff also deliver both classroom and full group instrumental lessons.

Working with the national curriculum, students are taught the basic rudiments of music.  These include both traditional and graphic musical notation, rhythm, pitch, time, key signatures, scales and chords.

Using wide and varied materials, students listen, explore, compose and appraise.  Units of work may include composing music for a Space topic, learning and performing an African drum (djembe) piece, describing the character of the music and how it can change a mood or learn how to ‘scratch’ on the modern turntable. Skills are transferable and are demonstrated when changing topics.

Weekly full group lessons are also given. Recent lessons include steel pans, pBone (plastic trombone), pBuzz (a beginner slide trumpet)  violin, recorder and singing.

We aim to inspire students to take up a musical instrument and begin weekly peripatetic lessons and to appreciate the role music plays in our lives – supporting mental health and wellbeing. 


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